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TRIP : THE ISLAND with Amaury "MOZ" Lavernhe

Early in the month of June 2015, our team decided to cruise another Indonesian island accompanied by Amaury "Moz" Lavernhe and his little family. Here is a little taste of what they found out there... Photo credits : Sylvere Tanguy / Ephrem Ez / Pierre Williamson for Curve Bodyboard shop.

Pierre reverse all in style

Silvio on a glassy perfect morning

Ez in an aerial drone footage by Sylvere Tanguy

Our view for the weekk

Wildlife is everywhere on this island

Moz air forward

MAgic encounter during an aqua shooting

Our host King Rachel

Every meal was a feast

Some truely inspiring moment with locals

The classic energy breakfast

Stretching session

Left or right ?

Ez boosting

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