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AT THE ORIGIN of this adventure, a team of dedicated bodyboarders who settle their bags in Bali more than 10 years ago. After spending thousands of kilometers inside perfect indonesian barrels, the irresistible wish to create a unique bodyboard shop in Bali made its way. This is how we were born in 2015...




OUR GOAL is to offer you the best quality products and services on the market. As bodyboarders, we have the knowledge and experience that we put at your service to choose the right equipment.

We also wish to develop the bodyboarding scene in Indonesia and all around Asia through associations, competitions and events.





CHOOSE US because :


WE ARE the Bodyboard specialist in Bali & Indonesia

WE ARE Bodyboarders

WE SELL  the best brands

WE PREPARE your order the day  the same day

WE ADVISE you throughout your shopping

WE GIVE you personalized tips



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