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The CURVE Bodyboard team is led by professional bodyboarders, certified instructors and photographers/videographers with more than 15 years of experience in Bali and Indonesia. Our goal is to share our passion and knowledge with you in a safe and fun way. We welcome everyone from complete beginners to advanced competitors and kids from 6 years old. Check out our different services and send us a message to book your session !






bodyboard lesson course in Bali

in Canggu area

  • 1h30 coaching session

  • 1 Certified Professional Instructor

  • English/French/Indonesian language

  • All level beginners to competitors

  • Location : Cemagi/Seseh/Canggu

  • Video or photo review (Optional)


Program : We will meet at one of the Canggu surf spots according to the swell condition and your abilities, do a quick briefing to understand the wave and the safety signs, then warm up and get to the bodyboard coaching session. Few examples :


  • Positioning in the water and choose the right waves

  • How to catch a wave and get the right position on the board

  • Improve your paddling/kicking and duckdive technique

  • Choose a direction and generate speed

  • How to ride a tube

  • Manoeuvres : cut back, spins, rollos, backflip..etc

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