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The prices displayed on our online shop are all in IDR Indonesian Rupiah. To find a currency converter just go on Google and type currency converter.



We offer 5 options of payment :



1-Paypal accounts 

Once you send us your order, we will send back a Paypal invoice to your email. Shipping/delivery is done after confirmation of transaction. Fee 4,5%.



Transferwise is a very useful platform allowing to make payment to any bank account by credit/debit card. Secure, very low fee and fast.

3-Credit/debit cards

Just pay as a guest on Paypal with your Credit/Debit card. No need to have a Paypal account. We send you a Paypal invoice to your email address and you just have to follow the link. Paypal offers to pay directly by credit cards if you don't have an account. 100% secured transactions.

4-Cash on delivery

This option is available if you live in Bali or plan a trip to Bali. Contact us to register your order and we will determin a meeting point together in the covered areas (Airport-Kuta-Canggu). Payment has to be made on site.


5-Bank transfer

For domestic Indonesian customers, we accept Indonesian bank transfer. We will send you the Check out total amount in Rupiah IDR as well as our bank account details. Payment has to be made prior to shipping/delivery.






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